The Bond (2019)

 “Dreamarcher is truly the greatest example of intelligence and creativity in contemporary metal.” - Metal Hammer PT 4,5/5 

“The Bond is an album worthy a place in the record collection of any music lover and fan of prog in general” - RTBM Music (MX) 9/10 

“When 'A Fail Of Design' is the level for The Bond, it will be a great record to look forward to.The Bond’ is an album with countless sources of inspiration, but above all it underlines that Dreamarcher stands for its own unique sound.” - White Rooms Reviews (NL) 

“a beautiful body of work, touching on otherworldly soundscapes. […] a truly majestic album showing how electic and graceful extreme metal can be.” - Zero Tolerance (UK) 4,5/6 

“[…] these guys play divinely well and are definitely brilliant!”

- Metalhead (IT) 8,5/10 

“a very great sounding blackened progressive metal band” 
- A Different Shade Of Black Metal Zine 8/10


Dreamarcher (2016)

Metal Hammer UK - "Cinematic, ambient and euphoric often over the course of a single track, this sprawling opus is unlike anything you'll hear all year"  8/10
UK Sunday Rock Show: "This is not just a rock record, it is a work of art." - "With Dreamarcher, the world's got again a class act of post-metal". 8/10
Evig Lyttar- "One of this years best Norwegian albums" 5/6  
HISSIG - "Skillfull debut full of contrasts" 100/100 
Time For Metal, DE - "With their debut Dreamarcher delivered a brilliant start, you just want to hear more and more of Dreamarcher" 9/10 
Lords of Metal, NL - "Dreamarcher holds the talent to become a well-known name in the genre..."  72/100 
Metalphobia: 5/6"They are brilliant and this record is an absolute wonder." 9,5/10 
Zephyrs Odem: 8,8/10 4.7/5 - dove il metal clicca: 7,5/10