in this ancient ruin 
windowless and crumbling down 
slowly choking 
blue eyes      
free but confined 
grinding stone 
on my soul                  
a love that never won 
you should have known 
should have known 
you could never leave me 

my heart swollen  
devouring the memories of us 
a silent curse 
eyes of blue closing 
I’m slowly choking



bound by 
the barley 
and never 
to return 

beneath this tree 
with branches that hold me 
I know these dark masses 
will hide me forever 
and i’m flying high  
the world is young and still alive 
flying high  
no one knows where I hide 

blue glass sea 
glacier saves me 
cold snow, frozen motion  
but I’m safe inside the ocean 

been waiting for so long 
lingering in between  
the dead leaves and white roses 
blowing towards a blessed horizon



you and I digging in the black  
hollowed eyes 
tremors shake the halls of our cave 
tomb of ash 
it seems we haven’t scratched the surface yet 
looking for a way to return 
digging a grave for us  

they follow you around 
reap what you sow 
you gave what they owed 
they bent when you broke 
they eat while you choke 

a reckoning passes us by 
still hopeless 
living and not knowing why 
captures burned 
their dust rises agains the sky 
changing from red to white 
and darkness to daylight